Winter is getting closer to being over and it brings a smile to my face.  It was a unusual Fall and Winter.  Really low flows and crystal clear water made my muskie season a lot tougher than normal.  We are in one of the best months now to catch a musky with the pre-spawn bite.  Mother Nature has been gracious lately with plenty of rain to raise flows.  Muskie typically spawn around mid March so March is a great time to start thinking about trout.

With warmer temps the trout get out of their Winter lethargic state.  Its a great time with higher flows to catch some nice brown trout on streamers.  Brown trout typically put on the feed bag when the water gets closer to 50 degrees in March.  Other than trout, March is a good time for the annual Hickory and American shad run on the Roanoke River in Weldon, NC.  Shad are a great fish to start your Spring with because its catching not fishing.  Once you locate schools you can catch high numbers of 16″-20″ shad.  I typically run trips down to Weldon around mid-March.

April is an exciting month with some of the first good hatches of insects on area trout rivers.  However, I really look forward to the annual striped bass run out of Buggs Island Lake.  By mid April the Staunton River has a new predator in town.  Striped bass make their way up river eating whatever they can in preparation to spawn.  This is a unique fishery because its a self sustaining freshwater striped bass run.  Stripers range 4-12 pounds during the run.  The run typically lasts until the second week of May.  Once this run is done I will run guided trips to Weldon, NC for the saltwater striper coming up river to spawn. The fishery in Weldon can provide high numbers of striped bass for the fly angler but it also brings anglers from all over so it can be quite crowded.  If crowds aren’t your thing then the run on the Staunton maybe your better choice.

March, April, and May days book quickly so if your wanting to get on the action this Spring don’t hesitate to call or email and I will get you on the water!

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