Winter weather returned this past week after dumping some substantial rain.  Cold air temps had returned and it brought its friend windchill.  Sidelined most of the week due to high water flows on all of Virginia’s rivers, I turned to the fly tying vise for comfort.  All though the time at the vise was good I couldn’t wait to get out and try some of the streamers I had tied.

Thankfully the flows on the Jackson River came down enough for my clients this past Saturday.  I would of like to seen the water higher since our game plan was to throw streamers to entice the bigger wild browns.  The 3000 cfs and 2000 cfs flows drew down the lake enough over a three day period for our flow to be 600 cfs on Saturday.  600-1200 cfs is a great flow on the river to throw streamers but thats about all.  Once flows get to 800 cfs nymph fishing becomes a bit challenging casting lead the size of a quarter to get it the flies down.  If throwing big flies for big browns is your game or a game you would like to start.  Keep your eyes on the weather and when the rain returns just hope its enough to bring Lake Moomaw to full pond so higher flows will be released.  The more water over head, the more comfortable browntrout over 20 inches feel and come out to attack.

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