Winter showed up yesterday on my first guide trip of 2016.  It has been a wet and mild Fall and now that January has arrived so has the cold temps.  The day started off at 24 degrees with snow and ended with wind, snow, and 22 degrees.  That was some pretty tough conditions to fish in especially for newcomers to fly fishing.  Chris and Caleb toughed it out and put some great rainbows in the net on the upper Jackson river and got a good taste of what winter fishing can be like.

Good news is with all this rain Lake Moomaw has filled and the tailwater section of the Jackson has floatable flows now.  Got out last week with friends with the intent to catch some wild brown trout on streamers with the high flows.  The streamer fishing was pretty good.  A lot of swipes and follows to go along with putting several browns in 14-18 inch range in the net.IMG_4165 DSC_3201