On Black Friday I had Eric out after his first musky on the fly. He had hooked 4 previously, but none landed. Friday we got two muskies on, but lost both so now he is up to 6 misses. Tuesday we tried again and after moving some fish, Eric gets another hit and after a few seconds the fish came off. Just before dark, “big momma” shot off the bottom and inhaled Eric’s fly. He drove the hook home, but when he lifted the rod to start fighting the fish his rod snapped! Eric didn’t do anything wrong the rod must of have been weak. Unreal, but we just laughed it off and loaded the boat on the trailer.FullSizeRender (1)I know the feeling all to well.  I personally had a stretch where I lost 13 muskies in a row hooked on the fly.  It was getting to the point that I thought I was cursed, but when you finally get one in the net the weight lifts off your shoulders.  Nothing I hate to see more is my friends and clients struggle to land muskies.  Since muskies take so much time and work to get hooked the last thing you need is them to get away.  One thing is for sure we will continue to press on and get the job done no matter how many get away.