I have been having some issues with my website lately.  We are still working on getting things back to normal.  Since the problems started I have not been able to do any blog post.

Well I have been doing a little of everything lately.  Spent a morning up at Smith Mountain Lake looking for bait and then looking for stripers eating the bait.  Had one striper eat that weighed nine pounds.  This striper took me into the backing.  I haven’t seen the backing on that reel since I put it on.  Since our weather has gotten much colder the striper bite should get better and better.

I had to cancel a couple musky trips this past week from the river getting high and muddy from the rain last Tuesday and Wednesday.  I had Darryl and Mike from FL out on Friday after trout since our musky trip was not worth our time with water conditions.  Took the guys over to Special Reg. of Buffalo Creek for a half day.  Fishing was good,  Darryl and Mike landed around 35 rainbows in the 8 to 12 inch range.  Towards the end of our trip I slipped Mike in a good hole that has been holding a big brown trout.  After I got Mike settled in I moved up river to check on Darryl.  About the time I reached Darryl I heard “I NEED A NET” so I turned and ran downstream to see Mike fighting a very nice fish.  After a good battle with a one weight rod  I got the net under Mike’s 21 inch rainbow! Truly a trophy fish and did I mention this was Mike’s first time fishing for trout with a fly rod.SML Stripah Mike's Rainbow