I had the opportunity to fish with a few great guys this past weekend.  John, Alex, and Jim came down from Cleveland to try out some Virginia musky on the fly.  I was only able to join them one day but they got it done the first day.  Jim landed his first ever musky measuring around 38 inches.  John put a smaller one in the boat also.  Sunday Jim and I started out the day in the boat together.  Took a little while before we moved our first musky.  The second fish we saw was a giant that came in last minute when Jim started his figure 8.  The big girl was moving fast and had her mouth wide open but missed the fly by a couple feet.  We messed with her for awhile longer but she never returned.  Jim moved three total but no connections.  To switch things up John jumped in the boat with me.  John made around three cast towards the deep bank and came tight with his personal best musky, 42 inches.  She put up a good fight but we won the battle!Fabes