I got this crazy idea a couple years back and it took a couple years to actually act on it.  About a month ago I signed up for a school in Hayes, VA to get my captains license.  I have a few friends that have their license and I thought how hard could it be.  Well let me you tell you it was the most stressful thing I have ever put myself through.  For two weeks and 8 hour class days with studying till I couldn’t see straight I almost passed.  Yep thats right I  haven’t passed yet but I will.  After 9 grueling days in class on the 10th day you have to pass 4 exams.  I passed 3 of the exams, so in a couple weeks after I study my butt off I’m making the over 3 hour drive east to pass this thing.    I have had a lot of folks ask why are you and why do you need it.  Well on federally navigable waters in order to run a motor on a boat for hire you are supposed to be a licensed USCG captain.  My plan is to purchase a jet boat or a power drifter so I can start doing some different trips that I have been wanting to offer.  No worries my drift boat is not leaving and I plan to run the majority of my trips with it but a jet boat is going allow me to fish for musky and stripers more efficiently and I don’t have to worry about those stinking shuttles.  Stay tuned and wish me luck, I can’t wait to get this over.