Fresh off the plane from Belize and I stepped into 30 degree temps and snow.  Quite the welcoming home I would say.  Regardless how the weather is here, it was wonderful on the Turneffe Atoll last week.  My second trip back to Turneffe Flats Lodge did not disappoint.  Warm temps and eager fish awaited my group of anglers.  Just like last year the staff, owners, and guides did their best to keep us comfortable, full, and our reels singing.

Most of the group it was their first time saltwater fishing.  The massive amount of bonefish that in habit the Turneffe Atoll flats is a great target for the first timers.  Everyone caught more than enough bonefish over the week.  Bonefish from 1 to 7 pounds were landed.  A few of the anglers tangled with snook, big barracuda, resident tarpon, and jacks.

O lets not forget about the permit.  Belize is the number one destination for the black tailed devil (permit).  My personal goal was to land one this trip but permit have away of making it incredibly hard most of the time.  First of all you don’t call it permit fishing, its permit hunting.  Hours of walking flats, poling, and motoring staring at the water for a push or tail.  When you see this fish you some how forget how to cast accurately, judge distance, and breath.  Its almost like they have the ability to but a spell over your motor functions.  Over the six days of fishing I had four permit eat, two hooked and both broken off.  First one was 30-40lb fish according to the guide.  That fish knew exactly what to do and that was head for the first piece of coral it could find to cut my line.  That fish had incredible power.  The second to eat my crab was alone cruising the mangroves.  I some how made a excellent cast it turned immediately and ate.  But there was a little knot in my running fly line and you can guess what happened.  My other forms of bad luck were horse eye jacks stealing the crab away from the permit, that happened twice.  I would like to think I used up all my bad luck this trip and the next one they will just jump in the boat for a photo.  Permit are under my skin and the only way to cure the itch is go back and hunt for more.  I really don’t wish this addiction on anyone but if you pursue them and fail your not alone.  Permit fishing is frustrating but I love the game.  Its nice to share my frustration in words that don’t have to bleeped out.

I’m currently working on another trip to Turneffe Flats for the Summer of 2018.  This time the focus will be the large migrating tarpon.  Tarpon migrate to Belize from May-September.  Fishing for these 100 plus pound prehistoric fish should be on every anglers list.  The guides will take you out in the morning at 5am, fish till 8:30am and stop for breakfast.  After breakfast you can pursue bonefish, triggerfish, and permit.  A great chance to get a Grand Slam (bonefish, tarpon, permit in one day).  Interested in this trip please contact me at 434-238-2720 or