The topwater bite is still on and going strong.  We had a warm up this past week, which helped keep our water temps high enough to keep the bass looking up. Annual cicadas are starting to die and are falling to the  water.  Two smallmouth bass were caught this week with cicadas in there throats.  My very good client Kenny came back this weekend for some more topwater bug fishing action.  Kenny did well last week catching a 19 inch bass, but we beat that this trip with his fifth catch of the day being  a solid 20 inch smallmouth bass.  Of course after that citation Kenny had a new goal catch one bigger.  Later in the day we found a willing big bass.  The big smallmouth bass lifted up and ate the popper and Kenny put the steel to him.  After a few head shakes we realized this fish was the one (over 20 inches).  Then we got a real good look at him when the bass jumped and went back under for some pulling and the fly came out of the mouth.  Loosing the big one sucks no doubt about it.  I heard a wise man once say you always remember the ones that got away.  photo 3 (19) photo 2 (31)