I saw two things happen yesterday that I have never seen till now musky fishing.  The first one was a large gizzard shad being chased and harassed by a musky 60 yards from my boat.  Shad was flying out of the water trying to escape the razor teeth. I told Shannon to sit down and hold on as I rowed fast as I could to get there. The water had went calm by the time we had got to the spot   but after four cast in that area WHAM! 38 inch musky on the fly. The second thing that happened a couple hours later fishing a deep grass covered bank the biggest musky I have ever seen inhaled the fly.  After a good strip set this monster shook its head a few good times and the line went slack.  This fish of a lifetime cut through 40lb flurocarbon leader like a hot knife through butter. I’m still very sick we lost this fish but great to see a fish of this size eat a fly. Truly a fish of a lifetime!