There is no doubt that there is a lot of luck involved in fishing.  So would you rather be lucky than good?  Juan and Joe are experienced anglers and very good at fly casting.  Being good can make a tough day better and there is no substitute for experience to get the job done.  Juan started the day with me by putting this 20 inch smallmouth bass on the fly in the boat to start our day.  Two or three cast later Juan landed another bass measuring 18 inches.  One heck of a start right?  Well after that great action with big smallmouth bass I was expecting to see one of the best days possibly I have seen this year.  After landing a 20, couple 18’s and few 16 inch bass we started having some tough fishing.  Most days this summer I have had better afternoon fishing than morning but that wasn’t the case on Saturday.  Bites got further apart as we drifted and the afternoon was nothing like morning.  Afternoon was slow but we would catch one here and there and finally in the last hole we found a 18 inch bass for Joe to end our day.  It was a great day for quality fish but not quantity.DSC_1803