Had a couple great guys out yesterday on the James River.  Quay and John came down from Waynesboro to do a musky/smallmouth bass trip.  We had planned to just spend a hour or so on musky that morning then fish for smallmouth for the rest of the day.  Quay was using the fly rod for the musky and about a hour into it a musky tried to eat the fly.  Not sure what happened, I think the musky just grabbed the tail of the fly missing the hook.  For only putting a hour in on musky I guess that wasn’t to bad to get a eat.  We switched over to bass after that and the day started off slow with the cloudy weather conditions.  Weather man said the sun was coming out but it wasn’t coming out quick enough.  Finally  the sun appeared in the afternoon and the bass became more active.  Quay did well with a white bait fish fly pattern and John was sticking them consistently with a 3 inch Senko hooked wacky.  The afternoon gave up a good number of 15 inch bass and our biggest was a 17 inch fish John landed.  Yesterday was the last trip for smallmouth bass I will do this year, time to change gears and get after the musky and trout.photo 2 (40) photo 3 (28)