I purchased a tenkara rod a few months back after a fly shop owner told me he was using it with his young son.  It sounded like a great idea, no reel, very light, and the same motion of casting a fly rod.  What sold me on it is the rod is 11 feet long and the braided line is shorter, which should make hooking yourself while casting a lot harder to do.  I finally got my 4 year old son out to the local pond this afternoon.  I have been waiting for the bluegills to get on the spawning beds so they would be aggressive when something hits the water.  It took a few cast before my son connected with a large bluegill.  It was pretty cool to see him pulling the fish in with a 11 foot rod.  So if you are wondering what rod to start your child out with for fly fishing, I would seriously consider taking a look at Tenkara.photo 1 photo 2