I had the opportunity to give a presentation to the Trout Club of Cleveland last week at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  This was my first time giving a presentation with a dinosaur in the same building and no I’m not talking about the elderly, their was a actual dinosaur there on display.  This was the furtherest I have had to travel to give a presentation and it was great to see the city of Cleveland and share my knowledge of Virginia’s great fisheries.  I had met Alex Bercheck a local of Cleveland a couple years back on the New river musky fishing.  I helped Alex and his friends with learning the New and was able to help them get on some fish.  Alex contacted me once he heard I was coming to Cleveland to see if I wanted to wet a line while I was there.  Didn’t think it was a possibility and figured all the rivers would be froze up but Alex had one in mind that didn’t have many fish but would be free of ice.   Steelhead were on the bucket list whether it was a lake run or ocean.  Cleveland area has a good Spring run so didn’t think in February I would have a chance.  It was pretty cool, Alex picked me up at the airport at 11am and I was fishing by 12:30pm.  We didn’t have long to fish since I had the presentation at 6pm, so wasn’t to hopeful to catch my first steelhead, seemed like a long shot.  With a spey rod in my hands for the first time I began to swing the fly through the run taking a step down river after every swing.  Alex assured catching one on the swing was the cats meow and he wanted it to happen that way.  After swinging the first hole we broke down and grabbed the nymph rig since we didn’t have any results.  Honestly I didn’t care how I caught one just having the opportunity was good enough. Sure enough the third cast right at the end of the drift the indicator dunked and I set and felt some very hard head shakes.  After a couple minutes of chasing the fish downstream I had my very first steelhead in my hands.  It was very exciting to accomplish this goal of mine very quickly and with a little time left we went to the next hole.  I went back to the spey rod and started at the head of the pool swinging and stepping.  As I got near the end of the run Alex said “Man I would love you to catch one on the swing” no sooner the words left his mouth I felt a thump and a fish snap its head back.  I have to say catching one on the swing is the way to go but of course harder.  I was truly happy with both fish and it was a blast thanks to Alex and the Trout Club for having me out!IMG_4341 IMG_4349 FullSizeRender