We are a couple days from the official start of Summer.  It has been a month since my last blog post and I apologize for slacking off.  It was a very wet Spring and I had to cancel 25 trips the past two months.  Weather has been good for the past couple weeks now and rivers are in great shape with all the extra water.  As long as we don’t get hammered with big rains, it should be a great Summer for fishing.

I will not be running any trout trips till the Fall.  Water temps have risen from the Summer like weather.  My past couple trips to the Jackson River were successful, but fishing slowed way down come noon time when temps are higher.  Keep in mind if water temps are in the high 60’s the fish are getting stressed and catching them will stress them more.

Good news is the smallmouth bass like the warmer water temps.  Bass fishing will do nothing but get better from now till October.  The topwater bite hasn’t gotten strong yet, but we are a week or so away from fishing bugs on top.  Fishing streamers and topwater flies that look like baitfish has produced well this past week.  Good client Frank hooked and landed a giant this week fishing a surface minnow pattern.   With the warming air temps more insects will start to appear, like damsels, dragon flies, beetles, and annual cicadas.  I heard my first cicadas this week.  Looking forward to smacking poppers on the  river bank the next three months.