Anyone that knows me knows that my favorite fish on the fly rod are smallmouth bass.  I have had a love affair with these brown football shaped eating machines since I was old enough to cast a line.  I can still remember one I lost fishing with my farther from the bank when I was five, it was big!  I spent 8 years in Colorado catching and guiding for trout and many days I would think summer of smallmouth back home.  Summer months in Virginia are our best months for fly fishing for smallmouth bass.  This time of year smallmouth bass keep one eye on the bottom and one eye on the top.  With damsel flies, dragon flies, and cicadas present bass are ready to eat above or below, of course the topwater bite is the most exciting.  The bass may explode on your popper or if its a big one it may sip it from the surface like trout.  If you are new to fly fishing or been doing it for years smallmouth bass are a great fish on the fly rod.  Here are a couple of nice bass caught by beginner fly fisherman I  had out this week.DSC_1450 DSC_1478