Well we are down to the last couple weeks of good top water fly fishing for smallmouth bass.  I really dread the day I have to start fishing with streamers after three solid months of throwing floating flies.  Streamer fishing can be quite good in October and November if we have mild weather.  So there is still plenty of time to get out after smallmouth bass before their metabolism slows down due to cold water.

Virginia’s rivers and streams have gotten low over the past month.  I don’t want to say it but damn it we need some rain!  I currently haven’t had any problems getting down the river or catching fish but those other fish (trout) I have to start thinking about in October need some water.  It has been nice though, I haven’t had to cancel or reschedule any trips since May due to high or off colored water.

October I will start running a lot more trout trips to the tailwater rivers like the Smith and Jackson Rivers for trout.  The tailwater rivers will have more flow and fishable water if the dry weather continues.  With the dry weather the leaves have started falling which can become a nuisance on the water.  Low and clear looks like our seeable future but never know when a tropical storm may head our way.  I know most folks look forward to Fall but get outside enjoy the last bit of Summer.  Soon you’ll be racking leaves and pulling them off your fly.