Striped bass fishing continues to produce on the Staunton river near Brookneal, VA.  Thankfully we have gotten some rain and more in the forecast for the weekend.   Water levels have gotten low on the area rivers and starting to concern me.  The rain has cooled off the water temps and prolonged our striper run.  Fish have spawned some, but with temps back down we can enjoy at least another good week or more of catching the hard pulling stripers.  We have been seeing a lot of fish busting bait, which has been very exciting.  Seeing splashes near the banks with bait fleeing for its life is always fun to see.  Good friend Pat Dorsey was in town for the South River Fly Expo this past weekend. I was able to get him and his wife Kim out for a day on their first stripers on the fly rod.  Kim put on a clinic for us and showed her husband how to get the big ones in the boat.  I’m going to keep burning up the river after striper until its done for the year.  I will soon be heading Weldon to get after the saltwater striper run on the Roanoke river in NC.DSC_3650 DSC_3651 DSC_3665 DSC_3666