We had about 2 inches of rain Monday night and Tuesday.  Had a few trips on the books for stripers this week.  Well mother nature changed our plans after that dumping of rain.  Most kids around here are on Spring Break.  My nephew was out this week and is addicted to fishing.  With not a lot of options after the rain, a trout stream was our best bet.  Most of the streams were to high to consider.  Buffalo Creek near Lexington, VA was the best stream I could think of for the conditions.  Luckily the Buffalo wasn’t to high or muddy, being a spring creek water flows most times come down quickly after a hard rain.  Tyler did pretty good with nymphs, putting 10 in the net and loosing a few more.  Caddis were hatching along with crane flies but water was a little off color and didn’t see any rising fish.

Friday I was able to get out on the Jackson River near Covington, VA with a group of six anglers.  I was helping out a local fly shop with the trip.  The Jackson River was flowing high but clear and our conditions looked great for streamer fishing.  I had two young men in the boat with me, Samuel and Charlie.  Both of them had fishing experience so it made showing them how to streamer fish with sinking lines much easier.  Right of the bat Samuel put two beautiful brown trout in the boat on a olive streamer.  Streamer fishing got a lot slower after that for some reason.  We had overcast skies and higher flows so it should of been a epic day with streamers.  Further down river on the float we started running into a caddis hatch.  We were able to get a few on dry flies also during the trip if you could find a fish rising in the high flows.

This coming week is looking better with weather.  Good news is the stripers are in the river, so I will be focusing on the striper run for the next few weeks.photo DSC_1214