The striper fishing this year has been a tough one.  The fish showed up late because of the cold weather and water.  Now the stripers have only one thing in mind and that is spawning, at least that was the case last week.  I and many other anglers struggled to put fish in the boat last week.  If it wasn’t for the occasional spawning I would of swore the fish left the river.  I spoke with one of the anglers I see almost everyday I’m on the river and he had been fishing this striper run before I was born.  He said he had never seen it this tough to get a bite.  So with trips scheduled this week for stripers I believe I will be looking for a different plan unless something changes.

I did make my annual journey to Weldon, NC for the saltwater striper run last Tuesday.  The stripers were a bit on the small size but full of piss and vinegar.  The great thing about this run is you have the potential of a 100 fish day and a shot at a world class striper.  Don’t believe me?  Well look at the photo of this 59 lb striper the NC wildlife crew shocked when I was fishing last 1 photo 3