Unless you have been in a coma or under a rock the past month you know how crazy our world has gotten with the corona virus.  Its business as usual here in Central Virginia though, sure theres no bread at the grocery store but we do have toilet paper!  Hopefully it will not get worse and this will all past soon so people can get back to normal.  Social media has blown up with “social distancing” which is easy to do, go fishing, go for a hike, float a river, and so on.  I am currently CV19 free and ready to help with any social distancing.

Weather has been great so far this March.  I have fished and guided for hickory shad, trout, and smallmouth bass just this past week.  The pre spawn smallmouth bass fishing is getting better with warmer water temps.  My past trips the average fish were 16-18″, so not to shabby.  Mainly throwing bait fish patterns right now for the bass.  The hungry fish are quite aggressive to take the fly.

Trout fishing has been great on the Jackson and Smith rivers.  Streamer fishing has been getting some great browns and nymphing is taking care of numbers.  With the warm air temps we will start seeing some caddis hatch and blue winged olive mayflies.  The brook trout streams are seeing March Brown hatches right now.  Make sure you have some size 14-10 hook size mayfly imitations to match the hatch.

The hickory shad fishing has been out standing on the Roanoke River at Weldon, NC.  If you are looking for some fishing, heavy on the side of catching, this is the time.  Shad will also start showing up in the James River near Richmond.  I have heard reports a few are showing up.

I have officially wrapped up my musky fishing until the Fall.  Tough year but ended great.  Last two fish landed was the heaviest musky I have ever felt, length was 44″.  The last musky to hit my net was 47 inches.  Both fish were first muskies for my anglers!  Thats the beauty of fishing in February and early March.  The prespawn gets the big girls out looking to fill their gut!

Stay safe, wash your hands,  and hang out on the water or the woods.  Remember I’m here to help!