My favorite time of year in Virginia is here.  The official first day of Summer is still a couple weeks away but the first of June is Summer to me.  Summer means 6 weight rods, floating lines, floating flies, and hungry smallmouth bass.  Most folks that know me know that smallmouth bass are my favorite freshwater fish to catch on a fly rod.  Nothing like floating a river and slapping poppers against the bank with the anticipation of a explosion on your fly.  The latter part of May was a washout for any bass trips.  Good news is we are starting Summer off with plenty of water in the rivers and thankfully water clarity is good now.

Jackson River near Covington, VA fished well last month and thankfully kept me employed because it was the only floatable river fishable after the big rains we received.  I am done for now with trout trips being that Summer is stressful on the fish with warmer water temps.  I’ll pick up trout trips again in late September once air temps cool.  The 10 inches of rain we received last month has kept the smaller streams up and cool.  Native brook trout should have a good Summer after the wet Spring.  I caught my personal best brookie this past Memorial Day.  Didn’t have anything to measure the fish with but the girth was incredible for a native brookie in Virginia.

If you have never experienced a day fishing for smallmouth bass on the fly rod.  Give me a call this Summer.  Smallmouth bass will change your life!

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