It has been a productive Fall on Virginia’s trout water.  Waters have been very low on the majority of the mountain streams, but some recent rains have helped raise water levels.  I primarily have been sticking to the tailwater section of the Jackson River.  Flows have been consistent there because of the dam.  Flows are lower than normal but I’ve been able to make it work and get on some great wild trout.  Nymph fishing the fast runs has been the most productive and rainbow trout being 98% of what is caught.  Brown trout have been harder to come by, being majority of the time they sit in the slow water not feeding on as much insects as the rainbows.  A few of the cloudy days I have been out we have gotten a few great browns on nymphs and streamers.  The streamer bite is really hard with the low water flow though.  Very soon we will see browns making redds (spawning bed) in the skinny water gravel sections.  Please be cautious not to wade on the redds because the future of the brown trout depends on it.  Also please resist fishing to browns on redds.  Let them make their sweet love so we have future fish!