I had forgotten how quick I could tie a single hook musky fly.  Most of what I use and tie is one hook with three shanks to get length and generally take me a hour to tie.  It was nice to sit down and whip out a 8 inch single in just 30 minutes or less.  Smaller musky flies are good to have on hand for sure.  I have a lot of confidence in my larger ones because it looks like more of a meal.  The larger flies do not sink as quickly but push more water.  There are times you need to get that fly in a muskies face to make him move, so a smaller fly will sink faster and deeper with a sinking line.  Also when the elbow and shoulder has had enough abuse from the larger flies, you can switch to the smaller to give yourself a break.  I have found myself going bigger and bigger with musky flies.  The truth is they will eat a smaller offering when put in the right spot.  Bigger is better majority of the time in my opinion, but if you find yourself not moving fish try a smaller fly and get deeper.Singles