I had the opportunity to get out with Virginia Department of Inland Game and Fish last week to help out shocking musky.  You get a real grasp on how many musky actually live in the river when you hit them with some juice.  We shocked up and sampled 38 muskies out of only three holes.  It was amazing seeing these fish jumping out of the water trying to escape the shock only to be netted by me and others.  We didn’t get them all,  the shocking equipment is only effective to about 8 feet deep.  It was great to be able to pick the biologist’s brain during the day.  The biologist would clip off a portion of the muskies fin in order to get a accurate age.  They would also measure and weigh each musky.  The biggest musky we shocked that day was 45 inches and weighed 24 pounds.  One of the most interesting things I learned was our musky here in Virginia grow fast!  A few of the tag fish we shocked were only four years old and already 40 inches long!Leopard aging Musky being weighed musky tank Shocking