We have had high water flows here in Virginia for the past couple weeks.  One of the disadvantages of my job is dealing with Mother Nature.  This week I had seven guide trips in a row but had to reschedule every one of them due to high flows.  River flows have now started to come down to a decent level to fish.  I went out to the Jackson river yesterday since the flow had come down to 800 cfs. The week before it was in the 5,000-3000 cfs range.  Armed with a box full of streamers and sinking line we headed out with hopes of a good day throwing streamers to hungry brown trout.  While we launched the drift boat into the river and rigged rods, we noticed little silver fish all over the banks.  At first I thought, it looked like a bait fisherman just dumped over his minnow bucket, but then we noticed they were everywhere.  I guess with high flows and cold water temps, shad were swept through the dam creating the ultimate hatch of protein.  I’ll admit, fishing was slow and I had feeling its because the fish were full.  We did land a few potbelly browns along with a few others shaking the hook loose. Very cool thing to see all this food going down the river and the trout will definitely benefit from this.  Look forward to returning soon after the trout have some time to digest.IMG_3604 IMG_3603 copy