Fall is a wonderful time of year but also a bit depressing for me.  Yes the air temperature is comfortable and the leaves changing colors are nice to look at.  But the down side to Fall other than raking and blowing leaves till January, is the smallmouth bass season has come to a close for me.  Many of you that know me, know I love smallmouth bass fishing and guiding for them.  So when Fall gets here its hard to be enthusiastic about putting my bass flies and rods away till next Summer.  I had a good amount of bass trips left to do this October but Hurricane Matthew said “No Sir” its time to go trout fishing.  The hurricane was not bad or anything here but it did drop a substantial amount of rain which led to high murky water.  So now my attention has turned to trout and musky through the cool and cold months.  I haven’t made it out yet after musky but will be very soon once the water clarity improves.  The trout fishing this Fall has been very good for my clients on the Jackson River near Covington, VA.   Water is not high from the rains due to the river being a tailwater and Lake MooMaw is not full yet so flows are normal.  Here are a couple pics from some recent trout trips and my last bass trip.  I have hopes of pulling off one more smallmouth bass trip this week, then I’m hanging up the bass stuff for 2016.20160926_114348 dsc_4223 img_4668