I have been thinking about buying a new fiberglass small creek rod for quite some time now.  I started following the blog Fiberglass Manifesto a few years back and it got me thinking about fiberglass rods.  My first ever fly rod was glass but after breaking it many moons ago I saved my money and bought my first graphite fly rod. I’ve always liked my fly rods  fast.  I like being able to pick up a good amount of line and sending it back to the water quickly with one cast.  Fast rods are not the best thing for a small creek though.  You need a delicate presentation to keep from slamming the line down and spooking every trout for a quarter mile.  Redington has just came out with a new line of fiberglass rods called the Butter Stick.  I said to myself when they become available I’m going to try it out.  I purchased the 6’2″ 2 weight rod which is a lot shorter than a prefer even on small streams but the rod performed great.  I was able to make some long cast with rod and the line fell from the sky with out putting a ripple on the water.  I broke it in on a few 14 inch rainbows on one of the local spring creeks throwing grasshoppers.  The rainbows bent the rod to the cork, it was a lot of fun.  If you are thinking about glass check out the Redington Butter Stick I think you will be impressed.  Also it comes with a Lifetime Warranty!!!!!DSC_6661