Just got back from a week at  OIB beach with my family.  We have been vacationing there for six years now and each time we head down there I load the kayak on the car for hopes of catching some redfish.  I was able to get out 5 days and fish the high tide which was during the afternoon.  I waded the marsh grass looking for tailing reds each day and was able to find a few sticking there tail up for a few seconds.  I had a hard time getting one to eat the fly though. They would either spook from the fly or I might have landed a cast or two on there heads and they don’t like that.  So it ended up being a stressful week of fishing because I just couldn’t get it done.  Finally on the last day and the last hour I stayed out longer on the dropping tide and was able to connect with two nice reds using a very flashy copper fly a redfish guide once gave me. I love to fish the saltwater if you never have you should give it a go.photo 2 (35) photo 1 (33)