Nothing much has changed here far as the weather.  The typical pattern has been substantial rain each week towards the weekend.  By the time the rivers get back in shape another system moves in.  Hasn’t slowed me down on trout fishing though.  I have had to reschedule some due to high water on the Jackson River, but most I have been able to do.  Higher water has been good for a streamer bite though.  Clients gotten some nice browntrout and have seen some monsters move but not eat.  When the water has been more normal the nymph fishing has been good.  Not seeing much far as hatches on the Jackson River though.  A few bugs here and there but nothing rising to them.  The rain has some of the smaller streams fishing well.  The Special Reg. section of Buffalo Creek near Lexington, VA fished extremely well this week.

I normally guide a bit down in Weldon, NC each May for the annual striped bass run, but it has been extremely high this Spring.  This past weekend flows came down from 30,000 cfs to 10,000 cfs.  After having to reschedule a trip I made plans to go down for the day with a friend.  Fishing was nuts, striped bass were spawning everywhere and all day long.  Didn’t want to leave but had to get back to VA for a trip the next day.  Called my clients for later in the week to change plans to go after the stripers.  As luck would have it, air temps hit 90 degrees the two days we spent there.  Fishing slowed down to a crawl with water temps in the 72 degree range.  Usually I will fish Weldon for another week but after all that spawning activity, warm water temps, and slow fishing I’m going to stay in the Old Dominion until next year.

Looking forward to fishing for smallmouth bass and hopefully soon.  Had several trips this month for them but have been all rescheduled since rains.  With May almost done hopefully June will bring stable and drier weather.

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