The only way to describe the past week of fishing is incredible.  Multiple big fish have hit the net each trip along with others unfortunately lost.  Todays trip the James River gave up one 20 inch, three 19’s, and couple 18 inch smallmouth bass.  Big bass are really cruising the banks and hanging in the shade waiting for a bug to fall to the water.  Cicada’s are starting to die and I have seen several fall from the trees to become fish food and caught a couple with a cicada in its mouth.  If it floats fish it because the fish are focused on the surface of the river.  With the low and clear water topwater is the easiest way to fish and just happens to be the most exciting way.  Key on the shady banks, the sunny banks do hold fish but those fish are very spooky and are taking off from just getting a glimpse of fly line going through the air.  With a month of good topwater fishing left its time to get it in before the leaves fall and the temps drop. DSC_4057 DSC_4066 DSC_4086 DSC_4098