Headed down to Weldon, NC a few days ago to the Roanoke river.  Heard the hickory shad were in and boy were they.  It was a good feeling to go catching and not fishing for a change and by fishing I mean chasing musky. All winter long I have been on the water after the toothies, so it was nice not to make 10,000 cast for one fish.  This trip for the shad was the best we have had, we didn’t keep count of every fish in fact I lost count at 5.  My buddy and I did count one time and I kept track of time we put 41 in the boat in 35 minutes between two of us.  It was a blast I must say arms were sore the next day from fish not casting for once.  Shad are a great fish for the fly rodder. The shad should be in the river for a couple more weeks so get after it. Pinky