Yesterdays trip brought a unexpected surprise for my client Brian.  The periodic cicada emergence has been slow with cooler than normal air temps.  But this week we received air temps well into the 80’s.  The northern part of Allegheny county is one of the few areas in Virginia that will have a emergence.  Yesterday I was hearing the cicadas right off the bat on the river. Jackson river flows had been 1200 cfs most of the week and our plan was to throw streamers all day until the flows were drawn back to 600 cfs that morning. With little streamer action and slow nymphing from the flow change I decided to try a cicada pattern just to see what happens.  I haven’t been seeing any cicadas falling in or floating on the river surface but our first cast with it, a 17 inch brown stuck its head up and swallowed the big bug. I was extremely excited to say the least and so was Brian for the rest of our day.  We continued to throw the size 2 cicada pattern on a 5 wt rod with a lot of success.  A lot of the smaller rainbows would try to eat but with no luck getting the big bug in their mouth.  We witnessed two rainbow trout run smack into each other trying to eat our fly at the same time.  This will continue to get better as more bugs come out and more trout discover them.  If I had to guess the trout will likely see them until July.  This will be a great time to see what a 17 year cicada emergence does to the fishing.  I’m really interested in getting on Lake Moomaw to see if its thick there.  Trout, carp, and bass will being going nuts on the surface if there is plenty of cicadas and it will be some the best topwater fishing you can experience.DSC_3779 DSC_3770