Yesterday I made the trek back to the Chesapeake Marine Training Institute in Hayes, VA.  With a little over  three hour ride I had a lot to think about.  My thoughts were wether I would pass my test this time and what was my plan if I didn’t.  I felt like I was ready but my nerves were going wild and the stress started to build.  When I arrived I looked over my notes to refresh my mind and actually felt like I was forgetting everything I had learned.  After a few phone calls to clients and my wife I was able to calm down and regain my confidence.  It was not as hard as I remembered the first time I took the test and felt great to pass with a 98 score.  If I didn’t weigh 240 I believe I would of done a back flip when I found out I passed.  Thankfully it is over and looking forward to getting back to a normal life.  As soon as my captains license is in hand I will have some new trips to offer and later down the road a new jet boat.  Thank you to all of you that were behind me through this!FullSizeRender