I have been neglecting the blog for sure but for good reason.  After six months our home has finally sold and we have been moving out over the past couple weeks.  I know there is a lot of things that suck more than moving but it ranks rather high for me.  In a perfect world we would of sold it in the Winter when my business is slower but instead it was during the busy smallmouth bass season.  I apologize to the folks I couldn’t take fishing over the past few weeks due to this move.  Well we have settled in to my parents home waiting for our closing date to come on our new home.  Very excited about our move to a smaller home but with plenty of privacy.  Less home to take care off means more time on the water!

The James river continues to produce some great fish caught on topwater flies.  We have had a lot of heat this summer but its cooling off to more enjoyable temperatures.  Water levels are in good shape for this time of year with a occasional t-storm adding a little more water to the river.  Several citation smallmouth bass were landed on flies in July and already a few for August.  Bug season as we call it has started with annual cicadas starting to die or just fall from the trees.  First fish from Saturday’s trip had a cicada in its mouth, so put down the streamers and start throwing bugs the bass are looking up!DSC_3990 DSC_3999 DSC_4000 DSC_4019