Finally, seven days away from Daylight Savings Time and 20 days from the official start of Spring.  If you can’t tell, I’m excited.  I’ll be finishing up with the toughest Winter I have had chasing musky with a fly rod with clients in the next two weeks.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the hunt but like it more when its successful.  This week I was out twice with clients for the fish of 10,000 cast or 10,000 dollars.  We had three fish eat and two landed.  One of those fish was the heaviest musky I believe I had ever felt.  Length was 44 inches but in a hurry to get the beast back in the water I did not get a girth measurement.  Musky should start to spawn in the coming weeks so after the second week of March I will be done till next Fall fishing for them.

Trout fishing has and will be improving each day it grows warmer.  The Jackson river had great conditions to target brown trout with streamers and my last trip up there was successful.  The river flows were high which gets those brown trout looking for that fleeing meal swimming away but now flows are back down to more of a nymphing level.

I was in the Baltimore area last weekend for Lefty Kreh’s Tie Fest.  This is a new show for me and I had a great time catching up with some old friends and meeting new ones.  The show wasn’t that well attended this year because of the 60 degree weather but still a great time.  Maybe next year it fill like Winter for those two days.

I had the chance to get down east and fish the lower Roanoke River in NC.  Awesome Winter fishery for shad and striped bass as they make their way up to their spawning grounds.  These are the same fish that will be in Weldon, NC in May when I’m there guiding.  Really interesting place the lower Roanoke.  Fished swamp water leading back into the river and casting into the flooded trees was reminiscent of being in Brazil for peacock bass.  Cypress trees with Spanish moss hanging from the limbs.  Got into some great stripers, along with largemouth bass and some dandy crappie on the fly rod.

This March trout will be the main target species.  March can provide great fishing with the water temps warming up.  Browntrout will become more active and ready to fill their tummies with a bigger meal.  March is the best streamer month in my opinion for our waters.

It’s not to early to think about April.  Trout fishing will be great with hatches becoming more prolific. The real excitement in my opinion is the arrival of striped bass in the Staunton River.  This is a annual spawning run out of Buggs Island Lake.  Timing for the striped bass action is generally gets started the second week of April and last into the first week of May.  I do have some dates still available for the striped bass run.  April, 14, 15, 22, 23, 29, and 30th.  Hope to see you on the water!