In the world of musky fishing, musky hold all the cards.  They decide who is going to be a hero or a zero. Some clients catch one on their first try, others grind it out till it happens and I believe a lot just give it up.  Musky fly fishing is not for everyone and it takes a certain person to want to pursue a fish that rarely eats.  As a angler you have to decide if all the effort is worth the reward.  My good friend and client Ken has put in more work than any other client I have guided for musky.  Ken has had some bad luck with fished hooked and then lost, with days spent in the cold and snow hoping to get a glimpse of a musky.  Ken never gave up and on Wednesday this week the moon and stars aligned.  I have told Ken many times that when it happens it better be a big one because he deserved it.  I think I hold my breath every time a client has a musky on and after four attempts to net this big girl, she gave up and let me breathe.  Every musky on the fly landed is an accomplishment but this one was a incredible stress relief and I’ve never been so happy for a client.  Ken’s first musky was 45″ in length with a 20″ girth so I got my wish – he got a big one!

Hickory shad have arrived on the Roanoke River in Weldon, NC.  A friend and I ran down this week after hearing reports fish were in.  Once we located some fish we were able to anchor up and catch until we got tired of catching.  We did catch some of the biggest we had ever caught down there.  If you want to do some catching instead of fishing I suggest getting there and get on the action.

I’m done with musky trips for now.  Muskies should start spawning in the near future.  I will be doing a lot of trout trips till mid-April, then switching gears to the striped bass run on the Staunton river.  Had a great trip out on Friday with a personal best wild brown trout caught by my client.