I had to reschedule Andy’s trip two different times this winter due to high water and weather.  We had originally planned to fish for muskie for two days, but with the flows still higher than I like I suggested we do a day after brown trout with streamers.  Jackson River near Covington, VA fished great with nymphs and streamers.  Andy’s personal best brown was 17 inches so my goal was to help him break that.  Towards the end of the day Andy shot a cast to the middle of the river at a large rock.  After a couple strips on the line he came tight with a 20 inch brown.  With one goal met we set our sights on musky on the fly the next day.  Met Andy early Sunday morning near Lynchburg, VA and we headed west towards the upper James River.  Andy’s third cast yielded a musky follow to the boat, which excited both of us.  A few hours went by without anymore sitings or musky love.  After lunch we headed back up river to the first hole we fished hoping the one that did move may have gotten hungry.  Few minutes after getting back after them a fish came in fast missing the fly once and charging back to eat on the figure 8.  Andy did everything right like he had been musky fishing for years, but this was his first time.  I told Andy earlier one of the draws to these fish is the savage eats and if anything will bring you back it would be that.  After it was over he agreed.FullSizeRender IMG_4395