I was checking flash drives for some different photos to change my presentation up a week ago and came across this little fella I caught years ago.  This was the first musky I have ever caught and it makes chuckle when I see the photo because I was one proud dude.  Its amazing to me how things have changed  since then.  I caught that fish on a 8 weight and I now use 11 weights.  I also caught that fish on a fly I would use for brown trout now, about 6 inches in length.  The average fly I use now is 10 inches in length.  I’m not saying small flies won’t catch them, its just funny how we evolve as anglers and do things we see others do or whats the norm at the present time.  I have had many anglers out after their first musky and most of them caught their first musky in the 35 to 40 inch range but I started out with a 24 inch musky for my first.  Its funny I hardly ever see a fish that size now most likely due to the fact of the size of the fly I am throwing.  I landed my largest musky to date a couple weeks ago and when comparing the two my first could definitely be a meal for my last.My First Musky