I had two great anglers in the boat today.  Jordan and Charles joined me on the James River for there first musky on the fly trip.  Jordan and Charles have years of experience fishing the saltwater with the fly and it showed today.  Charles put some impressive cast out there, some reaching 70 feet.  When a man can throw a musky fly that far you can cover some water.  The day started off well with the guys getting to see there first muskies follow there fly to the boat shortly after the day began.  Charles had a good musky short strike his fly in the first hour of fishing.  As the morning turned to afternoon Jordan made a cast to a sunken tree  and had this 35 inch musky put the SMACKDOWN on the fly.  Jordan smacked him back with a hard strip strike and the fun began.  I absolute love seeing and being part of someone catching there first musky on the fly.photo 3 (29) photo 1 (40)