I started fly fishing 22 years ago.  The first trout I caught on a fly rod was a native brook trout.  For the past ten years, I haven’t had the opportunity to fish  Virginia’s small mountain streams as much as I’d like.  I guess with guiding out of boat on our larger rivers for predator fish and large trout rivers, I had forgotten how much fun it can be had with a small rod on a small stream.  This afternoon, I headed to one of my favorite brook trout streams armed with my 1 weight rod.  Over the years I have found more than just brook trout in this stream.  There has been a pretty good wild brown trout population on the lower reaches.  Today, the water surface was covered with mayflies and it looked like every trout in the stream was rising.  Awesome thing to see,  since I haven’t been on this stream in almost a year.  I grabbed a size 10 Parachute Adams out of the box and tossed it in the stream.  First drift a 10 inch brown ate the dry.  For the remainder of the afternoon if I saw a rise I threw a fly to it.  I had a big surprise when a 19 inch brown trout stuck his snout up to eat my dry.  This really was an amazing afternoon and I’m looking forward to getting back up there with clients or just myself.photo 1 (62) photo 2 (67) photo 3 (44)