Its been almost a month since my last blog post.  I have been mainly spending time with my wife and son as much as possible.  2019 was a great year guiding and my best to date, and with a lot of time spent away from home March- November, Winter gives me the opportunity to catch back up with whats most important. I have spent more time chasing after whitetail deer to fill my freezer than on the water.  I had musky trips booked this month but had to cancel all them except one due to rain.  My last musky trip was a bust, but that happens.  The best months are ahead, February being my favorite month to chase the elusive musky.

I did get out after trout a few times this month, typical Winter fishing, cold water temps and lethargic fish.  You can have good days though, just have to work a little harder for them.  The Jackson river is flowing at 150cfs, which is low but fishable.  Water temps are in the low 40’s now.  Nymphing is still going to be your best bet, cover the water well because their not going to move far for their food.  Midges provide most of the food for trout this time of year.  Midges generally hatch everyday but sometimes thicker than others.  I have had some great dry fly fishing in the Winter during these hatches.  Be sure to have some adult midge flies like Matt’s Midge in your box when Winter trout fishing.  I recommend having hook size 18 down to 24 this time of year to cover the different sizes.  Another hatch you will see is the little black stoneflies.  They typically hatch now till late March.  They can be quite small like a 18 but I see plenty in the size 14 range.  In fact I have already seen some hatching on the Smith river last week.

I’m looking forward to the New Year and the fishing opportunities that come as the days get longer and hopefully warmer.  I’ll be back on the water a lot more come January being that hunting season will be over.  Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday season!