It has been a mixed species bag this month.  Striped bass fishing in Weldon, NC is still going strong.  The numbers of stripers is incredible to see each year this run happens.  A lot of fish in the 15-20″ range but we did break through all the males and got a healthy female in the 8-10 pound range.  The fish will be around till end of month at least.  If water temps stay below 74 degrees the fish will continue to eat with early morning and evening being the hot time to be there.

Smallmouth bass should be about done with the spawn now.  Trips out on a three different rivers, I saw bass that were done and fish that were still protecting beds.  Now that we are in the post spawn period, the bite can get tough some days.  One thing that has worked for me in the past is fishing topwater baitfish flies this time of year.  Bass have really been chasing minnows lately so if the topwater isn’t working, get a baitfish streamer on.  June is not far away so the smallies will start putting the feed bag on.

With amount of rain we have had this Spring the trout have plenty of water and cool water temps to keep them happy.  Past few trout trips have been great.  Mountain streams are in great shape from the rains but bigger rivers like Jackson have been blown out more times than not recently.  I will continue to guide trout and bass until mid June then make the switch to smallmouth bass only for Summer.