I had the pleasure to take Roanoke Times outdoor writer Mark Taylor out for a musky trip yesterday.  Mark had never caught a musky and the last email Mark sent me said hope we don’t have the ” writers jinx”.  Well I wasn’t worried I have learned to go into a musky trip with confidence and a open mind.  You are at the mercy of the musky appetite.  We started late morning it was windy and cold with nothing but casting and figure 8 practice at the boat.  After covering two good musky holes well with nothing to show we headed into the very last hole of the float which has saved me a time or two.  I felt good about it, it was warming up as I moved the boat into the slot.  It may have been Mark’s first cast into the hole when he came tight which at first I thought he snagged bottom but this snag pulled back and the big white belly appeared. All hell broke loose in the boat as I scrambled to get my net, camera, and tools ready.  Mark did I fine job fighting this 40 inch river monster to the boat.  I truly love being part of someone’s first musky and seeing there reaction.Mark's Musky