Well after rowing a boat for 15 years I had my first ever man over board last week.  Took a couple friends out for a float to hunt down some wild Virginia brown trout.  It was going to be a nice day with air temps near 50 in the afternoon.  We were a hour into our day and fog rolling of the water and the air temps were still around freezing.  My friend just put on a new streamer and with the first cast it landed in a vine hanging from the tree.  I rowed him over to retrieve his fly, I was just holding the boat still and heard a crack then out the corner of my eye I see him flying through the air.  To say the least it was deep and all I saw was the top of his hat and his fly rod decided to follow him into the deep.  First thought I had was “O Shit” it wasn’t exactly warm outside.  I got him back in the boat, he had fly line wrapped all around him so I pulled on the line and retrieved his rod from the river.  I told him I would get him to the bank so he could walk back to his truck, but he wanted know part of it he came to fish.  Ryan the dry fisherman had on waders and gave them up to our wet friend.  Luckily his jacket kept his core dry and I had a extra down vest.  After he got his wet jeans removed and the waders on he felt like he could continue on.  It was scary and I continued to ask if you he was okay and warm enough for most of the day.  We were lucky and now I can’t stop laughing about it.  It turned out to be a beautiful day with some nice brown trout landed on streamers.IMG_3448