This week I did my first few musky guided trips of the Fall/Winter season.  Started out this past Wednesday with a couple great guys, one from PA and the other a fishing guide in CO.  Weather was on the warm side this week, in fact I believe we may have broke some records.  I wasn’t feeling that confident about the fishing the first day out since it was going to be 85 degrees that day and water temps on the upper James River were 67 degrees.  I started the trip out just like all the others explaining what we were going to do and how to do it, but something different happened this time.  I had anchored the drift boat in the tail out of a run in about 2 feet of water.  I started to show the guys how to strip the fly, figure 8, and fight a musky.  After five or so cast I showed how the figure 8 should go when a musky from down below the boat came barreling ass upstream to try to eat the fly.  I was in shock because there shouldn’t be a fish there and I damn sure have never seen one there.  I quickly pulled the fly away from the fish and made a cast upstream 20 feet or more from him and the musky took off like a bat out of Hell and crushed the fly.  Well had to set the hook now its just a natural reflex of mine.  So I’m like what the bleep just happened.  The guys are amazed at what just happened and I’m fighting the fish trying to describe why I’m fighting it this way so they can at least learn from this.  Roger landed the fish for me and we took photos, high fives, and all that jazz but I felt like a prick because that could of been one of their first muskies on the fly.  So had to explain again that musky aren’t that easy, even though that was easiest I had ever seen.  Thank the Lord later that day Roger got a follow that meant business and it didn’t take but one turn on the figure 8 for the musky to eat.  Unfortunately the only photo that we got was of me holding Roger’s fish because the musky had a escape plan out of Roger’s hold back into the river.  So a great day right?  Hell yeah, anytime you get one is great and we got two but I shouldn’t of been on the list.  Roger and Barry fished their tails off with me for three days and not much musky love after the first day other than one eat the final day but didn’t connect.  I felt bad for Barry he really fished hard and wanted one badly but it didn’t come together this trip.  He said to me I guess I’m going to be in the 10,000 cast club and I assured him he is not alone.

On a different note trout fishing was great this week on the Jackson River.  Good nymph fishing right now but not much insect hatching going on to get the fish looking up.  There are a few October caddis coming off but not seeing any interest on the surface from the trout.  The leaves have really started to fall this week which is making things a little more difficult being that you will catch a leaf almost every cast.  A lot of wind over the past couple days didn’t help but thats Fall fishing.  dsc_4232 fullsizerender-10 img_4676 img_4686