Had two of my very best clients out yesterday for musky on the fly.  Trent and Kenny have been out with many times for everything I guide for.  This was their second musky trip with me almost exactly a year apart.   The day started as usual casting, stripping the fly, figure eighting, and staring at the water.  When out of nowhere a high thirties inch musky ate Trent’s fly at the boat.  After Trent set the hook, the musky gave a few head shakes and the fly came out of the jaw.  It was early still in our day but the thought of that being our only shot was setting in, but we remained confident.  After giving that hole a break we started fishing it again and a larger musky appeared following Trent’s fly on the figure eight.  The fish didn’t eat so we backed up gave it a break and came back with a different colored musky fly.  When we arrived in the same location Trent tossed the fly towards the bank and then the line came tight.  It was the same fish we moved  fifteen minutes before.  We were on pins and needles as the fight began.  I was barking out orders on fighting the fish and Trent was doing what I asked.  The boat began to vibrate from Trent’s legs shaking uncontrollably and then I felt mine doing the same.  We got the musky in the net and the celebration began.  This was Trent’s second musky on the fly and measured 40 inches.  Congrats Trent, can’t wait to share another leg shaking moment with you and Kenny. photo 2 (58) photo 1 (54)