Fall like weather is here and the dog day cicadas are dropping like flies in the river.  Big bass are cruising shorelines under trees looking for tasty bugs that have fallen victim to cool weather.  I look forward to Fall to start hunting but I also miss the hot days that keep bass near the banks and knowing this is my last chance to catch a few more big bass on topwater flies.  Fishing this past week was good.  My trip Monday produced great numbers of fish with a few big ones hooked but only one big bass landed.  Wind was tough this past week and my Monday anglers had to resort to spinning gear.  I made it out Friday for some fishing for myself and my first fish on the fly was a 20 inch bass.   While I was landing the bass I saw a cicada floating past and a few more cicadas on the water through out the day.  Time to get that last bit of smallmouth bass fishing in before it gets cold.DSC_1994 DSC_1997