I knocked the dust off the trout rods and headed north to the South river in Waynesboro, VA. With a large snowstorm headed my way, I had to reschedule three musky trips due to the weather coming and needed to fish because I knew it might be a while. I didn’t have long to fish but needed to stick a few trout.  Air temps haven’t been above 30 degrees all week and this day was the same.  First hole I fished gave up 8 trout quickly, with two of them in the 20 inch range.  Thankfully they were hungry and keeping the ice at bay in my rod guides.  With every hook set the ice would break and fling into the river.  The water was cold and the wind was chilling to the bone even with all the fleece I had on.

It feels and looks like Winter is here for awhile with 12 inches of snow or more on the ground.  I’m thankful we didn’t get what up north got.  The extended forecast looks great though.  As of now looks like we will be back in the 50’s this coming weekend.  The only worry now is how high is the water going to get from the snow melt?  This is the time of year I remind myself to patient, the shad will soon come up river then the striped bass.  Hatches will fire up and trout will rise.  Come on Spring!FullSizeRender (2)