After a week of studying for my final captains license test and being indoors all week I needed a break.  With a lot of Virginia rivers having ice and ice flow the choices of places to fish are slim.  Snow covering boat ramps have also been a problem.  With temps near 40 degrees yesterday the snow melted off some of the ramps and ice flow slowed down in the afternoon.  My buddy Eric and I saw our opportunity to sneak out for a few hours after Virginia’s apex predator.  Couldn’t of worked out any better. I was first up to bat and on my fifth cast saw movement behind the fly.  After teasing the musky at the boat on the figure 8 and a missed grab by her, I paused the fly then ripped it back across her snout.  She thumped her tail hard and opened up that big mouth.  A hard rip of my fly rod tip to her tail put the hook deep in her upper lip and it was on.  Eric grabbed his net and it proceeded to fall apart in his hands so we had to do a little wrestling to get her netted.  Truly the heaviest musky I have landed.  Warmer temps coming this week should get the river cleared of ice and snow off the ground. Its time to knock out that “Cabin Fever” musky style!IMG_3538